Mama Confession #4 (Guest Post)

Initially I began “Mama Confessions” as a series post for us moms to share embarrassing things we wouldn’t normally admit to. On my search for confessions, I had a mama friend from Instagram reach out with her story. Not silly, not funny, but all too true for many new moms. So this week, we’ll visit a more serious side of “Mama Confessions”. 


“I used to write all the time. It used to be one of my favorite things to do: I have several short stories which I am perpetually editing, 3 unfinished plays, and 2 barely touched novels. This is the first thing I have written since my daughter was born…8 weeks ago.

The long nights of feedings, the fussing, which honestly never seems to end, and all of it really takes it out of you. We all know that. And being a single mother makes it that much harder to manage. But it’s the postpartum that makes it the hardest.

I confess: I am 1 in 6. I am the 1 who posts cheery Instagram and Facebook photos and then cries. I am the 1 who has to set alarms so I don’t forget to bathe the baby. I am the 1 who looks at the 5 other happy moms who say “waking up to my baby is the best feeling in the world” and feels instant guilt that I spend all morning trying to get her to sleep just a little longer.

I am the 1 who cries when you say “enjoy this moment because they grow up so fast.”

I wanted to blog about this because, honestly, I have never seen a blog post about it. And with postpartum depression being something 1 in 6 mothers get, I really think it should be talked about more than a little pamphlet that tells you that “you are not alone.” Because in the throws of it, that’s not all that comforting. So I am reaching out now to tell you, if you’re out there, that I feel it too, I am fighting with you, I hear you, and you are really not alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I smile, I laugh, I love my daughter… I just sometimes wish that I was still inspired to do what I love: Write. This piece, well I guess I will call it step 1.”

Thank you for sharing.

A little bit about Holly:

“I am a 19 year old first time mom from Ontario (Canada). I am a single mom and have an almost 3 month old daughter and a lot more ambition than I know what to do with. I don’t have a running blog…yet, but am working up the stamina, ambition, and ability to stay up late enough to start one!”

9 thoughts on “Mama Confession #4 (Guest Post)

  1. melissajane01 says:

    This is great to read. I haven’t suffered from postpartum depression but there have been days I have also wanted my kids to sleep a little longer.

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