Mama Confession #4 (Guest Post)

Initially I began “Mama Confessions” as a series post for us moms to share embarrassing things we wouldn’t normally admit to. On my search for confessions, I had a mama friend from Instagram reach out with her story. Not silly, not funny, but all too true for many new moms. So this week, we’ll visit a more serious side of “Mama Confessions”. 

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Mama Stinks!

While hanging out with my kids this morning, I kept catching a whiff of something that smelled gross. It came and went as I searched my area. I checked the couch, the carpet, blankets, and of course I checked each kid.

After searching for a bit, I realized the odor was me!  Not the “I haven’t showered in several days” smell, (I got used to that smell long ago.) But a faint urine smell. Continue reading

Purses, Pockets, and CR-V’s

About 15 years ago, I used to go out dancing every friday and saturday night.  No, not “twerking” or “grinding” dancing.  Swing dancing.  I used to get all gussied up in some sort of ’40’s-ish outfit and I would take the pins out of my hair, (because I was making pin curls, obviously.)

Then I would get to choose out of my fantastic collection of purses.  Which one do I take tonight?  The bright yellow one?  The red one with gems?  I was sort of into purses.  Not shoes, not clothes so much, purses, (although, I loved a good deal on an awesome vintage outfit).

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Easy Chicken Freezer Meals

On my quest for staying within an actual grocery budget, I have started to buy things in bulk.  With the non-perishables, it’s no big deal.  The perishables are a whole different story.

I have thrown away my fair share of rotten fruits or vegetables, and meat that has gone bad.  Maybe I should start throwing cash away too, because it’s pretty much the same thing.

Now when we shop for groceries, I try to have a (tentative) plan in place for everything.

I buy berries.  We enjoy fresh berries for a few days, then I either freeze them, or make freezer jam (so easy and amazing!!). Continue reading