Homemade Almond Butter

I’ve always been a peanut butter girl. My favorite was Jif. Then I wanted to start eating healthier so I started to get the fresh ground stuff.

Along with the healthier new me, comes healthier new recipes.  The other day I made some “energy bites,” and I had a whole lot of leftover almonds.  I decided to give almond butter a go.

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Because Store Wipes Taste Gross!

I use baby wipes all the time.  I’m a mom, they’re used for everything.

I have also had an eczema outbreak on my right hand since the day my daughter was born.  I went to the doctor for it and he prescribed a steroid cream.  It worked at first, but then it stopped working.  I was using it way past the suggested use time with no results (other than my skin peeling and getting really thin.)

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