I Love My Gym, I’d Really Like to See it More

What is the purpose of a gym membership?

To be healthy, get fit, lose some pesky post pardum weight (that refuses to let go.)

Plus, they have childcare. So, if nothing else, I get to pee by myself.

Is it worth it? Yes. Because it gives me a tiny glimpse of my sanity. And I do my best to work out.

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Mama Confession #2 (Guest Post)

For my first Guest I have Lindsey:

Im a 24 year old first time stay at home mom in Ohio. I have a 10 month old son named Garrett, and awesome fiance named Ryan. I blog about parenting, relationships, and daily life.”

Her Mama Confession:

“It’s easy to lose track of small items while you’re busy with a baby or toddler all day.

We’ve recently needed to start taking nightly counts of certain items to prevent losing them forever… like bottles.

The other day as I was making the bed, I felt something hard while tucking in my fitted sheet. It was a bottle. An old, gross, used bottle… stuck in the corner between the wall and the bed. We stopped bed sharing weeks ago…

I showed it to my fiance and his first thought was to throw it away, but bottles are expensive! So he got tasked with cleaning it.  Thankfully there was a cap on it, so it didn’t stink until he opened it. Let me tell you, it was not pretty.

Now, if there are any less then 10 bottles in the cabinet at the end of the night, we form a search party.”

Be sure to visit Lindsey on her blog,  Lindsey’s Life.  You can also follow her on Twitter, Lindselizabethh, or Instagram at Lindselizabethh

Thank you, Lindsey!!

Mama Confession #1

While hanging out with two little ones that thrive on discovering new things every day I am always dirty. Because of this, I am always washing my hands.

Baby eats. Wash him. Wash hands.

Baby has an unknown papery substance all over his mouth. Wash him. Wash hands.

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Getting Ready for Vacation

With two and a half days, (and counting), until we leave for vacation, I need to pack.  It used to be so simple.

My husband and I would each have our own suitcase and that would be it.  Two suitcases, perhaps a few odds and ends, maybe a small cooler for snacks and drinks on the way.  Our four door Hyundai Elantra was always plenty big for the four hour drive to Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan.

Now, our two gigantic carseats take up all the space in the back seat.  So no room there.  If we were in the Elantra, we would only be able to rely on the trunk.  Luckily, during the last year we have acquired a Honda CRV, (mama’s best birthday present ever!), so we’ll be able to take everything we will “need.”

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Why, Mama?…But, Why?

When I was growing up, I remember asking my parents a ton of questions. Magically, they always had an answer. So, naturally, I thought they were the smartest people on earth and took everything they said as gospel.

It wasn’t until I went off to college that I (slowly) began to realize, maybe they just made educated guesses.

Now it’s my turn.

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Learning By Fire

As a stay at home mom, “Mama by Fire” is how I feel most of the time. (I have two kiddos, my little girl is three, and my baby boy just turned one).

This could indicate a few things.

One being that I was unprepared to have kids. Nope. Both babies were planned.  My husband and I had the 7 years of alone time before we decided to have kids…


…then our world changed forever.  Everyone knows this.  Babies change lives, they change everything. I read all the books on while you’re pregnant, after baby comes, what to do with your toddler…still, not ready.

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