7 Things I Thought I Would Be Able To Avoid as a Parent

There are things I hoped I would never have to deal with in my life. I always knew I wanted kids, so sleep loss and playing with baby poop was a given.

But there are some things my kids enjoy, personality traits they’ve developed, and issues as a parent I really thought I would be able to avoid.

7 Things I thought I would be able to avoid as a parent messy mess

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My Take On Fifty Shades

My take on Fifty Shades reading woman

There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding this book and the upcoming movie.

Why was it so extraordinary?

There are plenty of erotic novels out there. There’s a plethora of porn on the Internet. People just happened to be really into this one. Or really, really offended by it. Continue reading

Learning By Fire

As a stay at home mom, “Mama by Fire” is how I feel most of the time. (I have two kiddos, my little girl is three, and my baby boy just turned one).

This could indicate a few things.

One being that I was unprepared to have kids. Nope. Both babies were planned.  My husband and I had the 7 years of alone time before we decided to have kids…


…then our world changed forever.  Everyone knows this.  Babies change lives, they change everything. I read all the books on while you’re pregnant, after baby comes, what to do with your toddler…still, not ready.

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10 Things I Thought I Would Never Do Before I Became a Mom

Ah, the days before kids.

When we would stay up as late as we wanted because we could sleep in.

Leave the house on a moments notice, just because we thought it would be fun to meet up with a friend.

When we had perfect hygiene because we took showers daily.

And when we could judge other people’s parenting because we had absolutely NO CLUE what they were up against.

The last one got me thinking about what I used to judge, and what I’m very likely judged on now.  I came up with ten things I thought I would never do. Continue reading