Easy DIY Wreath

As we’re getting rid of everything we own and settling into our new place, I can’t help but get excited about breaking out the Christmas decorations. They’re just sitting right in front of my face (in the garage), and it has taken everything I have to wait until this weekend.

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Time for Bed

fussy Z edit

“When I think of the bedtime routine with my kids, it’s like this royal coronation jubilee centennial of rinsing, and plaque, and dental appliances, and the stuffed animals semi-circle of emotional support.”
-Jerry Seinfeld

The bedtime routine is not for pansies. You never really know how it’s going to go down.

In my house, we have several, very specific steps to get the toddler to sleep.

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A Forbidden Side Dish

Lately the husband has been obsessed with the ever so creepy looking black rice. Also known as “Forbidden Rice.”

I was skeptical the first time I made it. Since I’m useless with a rice cooker (I’m no longer on your “Domestic Goddess” Pedestal, am I?), I cooked it on the stove. It ended up being pretty tasty, hence the new found obsession.

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