Valentine’s Day Fun with the Kiddos

I have had such a great time with my girl the last several months celebrating the Holidays.

This is the first Valentines Day that she has been aware of. She keeps telling me, “Mommy, Valentines Day is coming up!”

Since its this weekend, I wanted to have a few fun V-Day activities for us to do, spread throughout the week.

Valentine's Day Fun with the kiddos

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The time has come where we all declare our improvements for the New Year.

I wasn’t planning on sharing with the world, (or my tiny corner of the internet), what I feel needs to be worked on. Then after some thought, perhaps putting some of these things in writing may make me feel more accountable. Maybe. Only one way to find out.
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Do You Believe?

When we become parents, we are bombarded with decisions to make. From the big time, (religion), to the much smaller, (what’s for breakfast?).

All we can do is decide on things based on personal experience and how it makes us feel.

Doing research and finding outside opinions doesn’t hurt. However, in this day in age, you can find thousands of great arguments for both sides on anything. You could spend hours researching a subject and feel as if you’re running in circles. So, as I mentioned earlier, in the end, you have to do what feels right to you.

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