A Change in Body Image

No one loves their body. Everyone has something they would change if they could. We’re all full of insecurities and most of us crave positive reinforcement. 

The part of my body that I have always disliked the most is my back. Scoliosis has claimed my ribs on both sides, jutting out on the right and pulling in on the left with a hard right curve.

Everyone has something. This is just my thing. I’ve always been embarrassed by it and a lot of times I would try to hide it. With something like this, it’s impossible to hide.

I realized today, that instead of being embarrassed by something I can’t change, how about I embrace my body the way it is? I’m 32 years old and I am just now figuring this out.

Today I have decided to love my body, flaws and all. I have stretch marks from having children that will never go away and a pooch that may stay forever as well. The beautiful thing about those flaws is they are a daily reminder of what my body is capable of.

Two kids! How could I see my body as anything other than amazing after that?


9 thoughts on “A Change in Body Image

  1. threeboysandamom says:

    I love this and am passionate about this topic. I wrote a similar post called the map of a mom. I’ve struggled with body image my whole life…still do to an extent, but motherhood gives you the gift of seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes and it changes everything. It’s a beautiful thing! Great post and in so glad you’ve come to love yourself and your body for what it’s capable of…miracles. ☺

  2. Valerie says:

    Great post! It’s incredible that we would never judge someone else for most of our “flaws” and yet we are sometimes merciless when it comes to ourselves! 😛 It’s awesome that you are feeling kind about your body now!! XO

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