Coffee is Supposed to Be Hot?!

I haven’t had hot coffee in three years. Wait, that’s not completely true, it’s hot when I order it.

Then I get….distracted.

My youngest is trying to stand, my oldest is pushing him down.

I guess not pushing so much as prying his fingers off of whatever he’s holding. Either way, he ends up on the floor. He’s gotten better at catching himself so he doesn’t roll back and hit his head as much. Sometimes I’m even right there to catch him, but he learns faster when I don’t.

This, of course, is just an example of the many things that takes me away from my hot, fresh cup of coffee.

When it’s sunny out, I get an iced coffee, which I used to really enjoy. But which is worse? Hot coffee that goes cold, or iced coffee with completely melted ice. And the milk I get is non fat, so it’s really gross when watered down.

At least with a hot coffee you can reheat it. I draw the line at three reheats though-I have my limits.


5 thoughts on “Coffee is Supposed to Be Hot?!

  1. threeboysandamom says:

    Haha…3 reheats is probably a good line, but I know I go way over that, and still don’t finish it. I think I give up reheat number 10 or so… 😃 oh motherhood! And I agree…I think iced coffee gone hot is probably worse than hot coffee gone cold.

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