Breastfeeding TMI

Breastfeeding is an amazing gift a mother can give her child, (life is up there too.)  It takes time, dedication, and it can be extremely rewarding.  That is, of course, if you have the stomach for it.

To the mom’s that are able to breastfeed with no problems; perfect latch, no pain, smooth sailing the whole year, (or two, or three…)  Good for you!  That’s awesome!  Appreciate it on your own time, though, because the rest of us that breastfeed are (painfully) stumbling our way through.

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You Tube May Be the Death of Me

Like many stay at home mom’s, I have a loosely set schedule at my house.

If things go my way, the baby is ready for a nap at 9am.  Z looks forward to his nap times too because she gets to play with my phone while I’m putting him down.  I like this arrangement because I know exactly where she is while I’m in the other room and I don’t have to worry about her catching anything on fire.

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