Getting Ready for Vacation

With two and a half days, (and counting), until we leave for vacation, I need to pack.  It used to be so simple.

My husband and I would each have our own suitcase and that would be it.  Two suitcases, perhaps a few odds and ends, maybe a small cooler for snacks and drinks on the way.  Our four door Hyundai Elantra was always plenty big for the four hour drive to Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan.

Now, our two gigantic carseats take up all the space in the back seat.  So no room there.  If we were in the Elantra, we would only be able to rely on the trunk.  Luckily, during the last year we have acquired a Honda CRV, (mama’s best birthday present ever!), so we’ll be able to take everything we will “need.”

First up in the trunk, our double stroller.  It was bought second hand, steers like a boat, and weighs more than me, (add two kids and it’s a great workout to push-always a silver lining).  Without it, we would be screwed.

Next, the pack in play.  Now, do we bring just one for R to sleep in, or do we bring both so the toddler has one to sleep in too?  Or, should the toddler sleep with us?  

See the decisions that need to be made?  

I think if she sleeps in it, she’ll sleep fine, and most of all, my husband and I will get some sleep too.  You know what I mean if you’ve ever tried sleeping with a toddler, (somehow they become professional boxers at night…while they are dead asleep.)  But if we decide to take that second one, it takes up some precious real estate in the trunk…

IMG_1315 (2)

Now for the suitcases.  My husband and I will each have one.  And (hopefully) I can fit every outfit the kids own into one. Being on vacation where the main attraction is swimming in a lake or playing in the sand, we’ll need several outfit changes per day.

IMG_1308 (2)

On top of what’s in the trunk so far, will be diapers, the toddler’s potty, (I know, working on potty training on vacation, smartest parents ever! Haha!), wipes, and supplies to make more wipes.  

And of course, we cannot forget the floating devices.  Each kid gets one that they will learn to love, because they will be living in them by the lake.

Hopefully, if there’s any room left, I will get to take my fishing pole.  I love to fish and I would like to get Miss Z in on the action-it sure would be nice if I catch something this year!…

The backseat will be packed full too.  We’ll have a cooler for drinks and snacks sitting between the carseats.  Then on the floor and behind the chairs will be the numerous books and toys that we HAVE to take-not only for entertainment by the lake, but also for the long ride in the car.  It’s about a four hour drive and the plan is to leave with naptime smack in the middle of the drive.  We’ll see how that goes.  This is our second time with both kids, (last year, R was three weeks old), and kids don’t always follow the plans that we make for them-don’t they know that mama and daddy know best?

IMG_1287 (2)

Oh, yes!!  And my Keurig.  That’s coming with us too.  Yes, it’s important.  I will MAKE room for it, even if it has to sit in the front seat with me.

Once we get there, the best thing for us to do is to unpack all of our stuff.  I’ve found that it makes for a much more relaxing stay if we’re not “living” out of our suitcases.

I know I’ll forget something-it’s inevitable.  I’m two and half days away, plenty of time, and I know that my husband and I will be flustered and running around the house like crazy sunday morning to get out of the house.

If you have any suggestions on how you make packing easier for your family, by all means, share away.  I take no shame in accepting some helpful advice!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Vacation

  1. Adele says:

    You seem very well prepared! I hope you guys have a great time! I will be going on vacation September 7th! Vacations are always hectic but SO worth it! I love your daughters red hair!

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