VBAC or Repeat Cesarean?

Being pregnant is scary.

Aside from the constant questions; Is my baby healthy? Are they growing properly? I have to get another ultrasound to make sure they don’t have what?

And also knowing once they are here, every aspect of your life is changed forever.

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A Letter to My Future Self

(Read after R’s first birthday on July 6th)

Dear Tarynn,

I’m writing this because I know you and B are unsure as to whether you want a third child or not. People keep asking, and at this point in your lives, you may be considering it.

Z is old enough to help out and engages in fun conversations. R is big enough to walk around and is as cute as ever. So, yeah, you could handle a third one, right?

Before you actively begin “trying,” do a few things for me first.

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Breastmilk: Here, There, Everywhere

My daughter and I got off to kind of a rough start.  I had an emergency c-section after 22 hours of labor.  She went on a nursing strike at 2 1/2 months old.  I was a brand new mom and had no idea what I was in for, with a crazy hormone cocktail to top it off.

We had to work at our bond.  It took months for me to be comfortable caring for this little lady, and even longer to remember to start caring for myself.  Now, I am happy to say, that we are extremely tight.  I get to hang out with her every day, and literally watch her grow into an amazing young lady.

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