Why Do We Let Them?

As parents, we do everything for our kids. We want them to learn how to be independent, do things for themselves and others, sure.

But if they want something done, and they can’t physically do it, we’re right there to take care of it.

We feed them, clothe them, bathe them, and wipe up their poop. (Wherever it may be. Ideally? In the diaper. Even better? In the toilet so we just have to flush. I’m still waiting for that very special day…) Continue reading

Miss Z is Gonna Be Three

In honor of my daughter’s 3rd birthday tomorrow, I thought I would share our birthing experience:

I was two days late.  My husband had just left for work at 7am and I got up for the tenth time to pee, when my water broke.  It didn’t hurt, it was just obvious what had happened. I continued to the restroom to pee.  And things started to….gush.

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