House Hunting with Kids

We are off on a new adventure! We sold our house and now we get to look for a new one!

So far we have gone searching once and we saw 2.5 houses. I would love to say that it was a fun day filled with hope and excitement, topped off with plans of what we’ll put where.

Not so much. Aside from each place we looked at being a complete disaster, I was unprepared. We left the house thinking we were only going to see two houses in the morning, then we would be home for lunch. The day ended up being a bit longer than expected. With two young children.

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Kids are Gross!

Babies can get away with a lot. They’re these adorable little creatures that have no regard for how disgusting they can be. Whatever nastiness is covering them for the moment, if you’re within a 20 foot radius, you can bet, you’re covered in it too, (even if you don’t realize it, I promise, you’ll discover it later).

They obviously have a free pass. They don’t know any better, (although the smirk on a newborn baby’s face after a major blowout, makes you question whether they “know any better.”)

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Purses, Pockets, and CR-V’s

About 15 years ago, I used to go out dancing every friday and saturday night.  No, not “twerking” or “grinding” dancing.  Swing dancing.  I used to get all gussied up in some sort of ’40’s-ish outfit and I would take the pins out of my hair, (because I was making pin curls, obviously.)

Then I would get to choose out of my fantastic collection of purses.  Which one do I take tonight?  The bright yellow one?  The red one with gems?  I was sort of into purses.  Not shoes, not clothes so much, purses, (although, I loved a good deal on an awesome vintage outfit).

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Baby Led Weaning

The views expressed in this post, (and all of my posts), are strictly my own and come from my personal experiences.  Please consult your pediatrician before experimenting with baby led weaning.  

With baby number two, we pretty much skipped over the pureed baby food phase.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it!  I made a ton of it for my daughter.  I had a lot of fun trying new things and giving her new flavors and seeing her reactions.

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