Easy DIY Garden Markers

Thanks to my dad and husband, my dream of having a garden this year has become a reality! 

My dad brought over the materials for a raised garden bed and showed us how to put it together.
My husband and I don’t build things together often, so this was a lot of fun.
Easy garden markers T & B building a raised garden bed

We did the “heavy lifting” during the little lady’s nap.
Once she woke up, she had a beautiful garden bed to plant whatever she wanted. (Or, rather, the plants we picked out at the hardware store.)
Easy garden markers finished raised garden bed
She was more interested in digging in the dirt than putting things in it.
Easy garden markers toddler digging in the dirt
But she loved carefully placing our homemade garden markers in the proper place.
Easy garden markers toddler placing garden markers
They were really easy to make and a lot of fun!
We started off by going on a nature walk in our backyard in search of the perfect rocks.
Easy garden markers finding rocks
We washed and dried them. Then painted them with acrylic paint. I used a sharpie to write on the rocks after the paint was dry.
Easy garden markers painted rocks
They turned out so cute! And now we’ll know exactly what we’re growing!.
Easy garden markers broccoli garden marker with broccoli
Now I just hope we don’t have a late frost and we’ll be good!
What are you growing this year? Do you use garden markers?

25 thoughts on “Easy DIY Garden Markers

  1. TwoPlusCute says:

    Nice! Lucky you, planting already. We use a lot in the local community gardens (along with friends) because I can’t decide where to put the raised beds on our yard.
    Markers was something desperately needed last year, I may manage to persuade my husband to add some come summer.

    • mamabyfire says:

      I’ve always wanted to be part of a community garden too-seems like it would be fun! I have to have markers, otherwise I would have no clue what was in there. 😆

  2. maggiemaysgifts says:

    jealous! I’d love a garden. I have thrown seeds out into the yard to see what happens..not smart. Have you seen how watermelons grow!? They took over the yard and not one was edible 🙂 You appear to be a little more organized! ha Good luck! p.s. those painted rock markers are adorable.

  3. andthreetogo says:

    Great idea for the garden makers! So cute! And anything that the toddlers can be involved in… all the better.
    I am not growing a garden this year although Z has asked if we can grow some watermelon, so I may try to do that although I have a feeling the heat and humidity will kill it. Maybe I will try growing it indoors. 🙂

    • mamabyfire says:

      Thank you-it was a lot of fun! If you haven’t grown watermelons before, maybe check out maggiemaysgifts comments above-apparently they take over…If you do grow them, let me know how it goes!!

  4. mrsmuffintop says:

    I wish I had seen this a few months ago! we got RID of our garden beds and put in a swing set. I have the opposite of green thumb!

  5. triciathegoodmama says:

    Oh that’s so awesome! I really want to try gardening (now that I have a yard). I love your painted rocks too.

    • mamabyfire says:

      Thanks! Yes, I was pretty eager-starting my seeds inside mid-February! But our weather has been pretty nice. Of course, after planting the garden, I keep noticing how cold it is still…oops!

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