The Ever Changing Bedtime Routine

It’s incredible to watch my kids learn and adapt to their surroundings.

My daughter in particular is a master manipulator.

Ever changing bedtime master manipulator

She even gets daddy wrapped around her finger…sometimes.

That said, he thinks I’m a big-time sucker at bedtime.

She and I do our nightly routine with her books. After I read three, I leave for a bit so she can read alone.

I wait fifteen minutes or so, then I go back to sing a few songs.

After the songs, I leave for the rest of the night.

The last song I sing is my favorite. It’s ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from Les Miserables.

The best part is the third verse, it’s so sweet-

There is a lady all in white,
Holds me and sings a lullaby,
She’s nice to see and she’s soft to touch,
She says, “Cosette, I love you very much!”

And of course, I replace the name with my little lady’s name and I give her a kiss on the cheek.

At least I used to.

Lately she has been too cool for me-not for the song, but too cool for a kiss from mom. So instead, I just give her a tighter hug.

ever changing bedtime routine

Last night I did the usual. Sang with the tighter hug, had a few extra cuddles afterwards, then I got up to go meet with daddy for some TV time.

My girl said, “Mommy, you sang the Castle song wrong! You didn’t kiss me!”

Someone knows how to turn this stone cold mama to mush.

I was so caught off guard and overwhelmed with ‘she loves my singing’ emotions that I sang the whole song over so I could include the peck on the cheek.

In retrospect, I’m not sure if I should be proud or annoyed.

I’m going to go the positive route with this one and appreciate my smart girl who’s always inventing new, ingenious ways to prolong bedtime.

I will also appreciate the kiss on the cheek being thrown back into the routine.

The Ever Changing Bedtime Routine sleeping toddler

What songs do you like to sing to your little ones? Do they try to stall at bedtime? Do they come up with clever ways to do it?

27 thoughts on “The Ever Changing Bedtime Routine

  1. Rebekah says:

    My youngest is definitely a manipulator. A smart one. He just recently potty trained and has been dry through the night, so two weeks ago we started putting him in undies for bed. Now he is constantly having to go potty. At least he says hr does, sometimes he does, the majority of the time he doesn’t, but I don’t want to not let him go if he has to go! Toddlers!

  2. maggiemaysgifts says:

    ooo they will get you with the kisses or hugs! My daughter said she was hungry once and got to come downstairs. She set a world record for the slowest way to eat an apple. Since then she will hold her belly at night and say “i’m so hungry . I need an apple” (when she just ate a huge dinner) My husband always wants to cave but I stand firm. I’m on to her.

  3. workingmommagic says:

    Right now my bedtime routine is a total cluster. My daughter is a crazy women and it is messing up our whole thing… ugh

  4. melissajane01 says:

    That is too sweet about her wanting her goodnight kiss. My kids are master stallers. They are always trying to eat something after bath time so we have started telling them that the kitchen is closed. I give them a warning after dinner if they want something else that now is the time to eat.

    • mamabyfire says:

      It is sweet! It’s also very out of character for her to want a kiss which is why I know it’s a stalling tactic. No matter-I’ll take it! I bet I’ll have to say the kitchen is closed one day soon too-thanks for the idea!

  5. threeboysandamom says:

    So sweet She wanted a kiss…although also very sneaky and manipulative, as all kids can be. My boys have started this… They need to give me a hug, kiss, they’re thirsty, need to pee, want to brush their teeth again, are scared of a monster, wanna snuggle me for a few minutes, want to read another book, can’t see, want the light on, etc! Its cute sometimes but I usually shit it down, unless it’s for hugs and kisses, then I give in, but just once! 😉 The are funny about me singing too….sometimes they love it and actually Ethan always asks me to sing “the mommy song” (mama said there’d be days like this) and he will close his eyes and sway and it’s unbelievably precious…. Othe times, the g both tell me Not to sing haha! Toddlers! Gotta love em!

  6. says:

    We have had about 10 different bedtime routines over the years of my son. As he gets older he has become so much more independent getting ready alone etc. He wont let me sing to him anymore, unless he’s sick. His baby sister still doesn’t have the option to turn off this mommies (not the voice worthy) singing.

    • mamabyfire says:

      Oh, wow! Yep, I feel like our routine changes every six months. I’ll be sad when my daughter doesn’t want me to sing anymore. At that point, my youngest will be in for it!

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