The Real Reason We Didn’t Circumcise

This isn’t a preachy post. I don’t care if you circumcised your son or not. I don’t believe it’s genital mutilation. For some time, it was an extremely common practice for newborn boys. His little guy works just as well either way.

We planned on circumcising our son. In fact, I was at the appointment.

In the waiting room the doctor explained to me how to care for and what to expect for healing.

She described the contraption he would be in, which led to her reasons for not allowing parents in the room.

Moms tend to have a hard time seeing their baby’s little arms and legs being strapped down on an oddly shaped table.

Dads tend to faint at the sight of blood on a penis.

So, no parents in the room.

While I was in the waiting room, the doctor (not his regular pediatritian, she doesn’t do circumcisions-go figure!), came out to talk to me.

She had to take me to my little guy and show me something. (Lucky me I got to see my little love strapped down. Awesome!)

Basically, she couldn’t “operate” because if she did, his penis would “disappear,” or retract. (It was over a year ago, I’m a little fuzzy on the technical terms.)

She reassured us many times that everything is normal, we just may have to wait a year to follow through with the circumcision.

She suggested we take him to a specialist to see what they would recommend.

Within a week, we found ourselves at another doctors appointment in a different city. The specialist agreed with the pediatrician and said we would have to wait until he was a year old.

Because they can’t use anesthesia on an infant.

Well, in my little mommy world, you can’t use anesthesia on my child, period.

Unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

And a circumcision just isn’t. It is not medically necessary. Insurance doesn’t cover it for a reason.

Honestly, I’m actually glad it didn’t work out.

However, if it went the way we planned and he was circumcised, fine. I am not ashamed of our original decision.

Will he be embarrassed by it one day? Maybe. No more than anybody else is about any number of body parts. We’ll have that talk with him when the time is right.

Will he be horrified one day knowing I wrote this post and that it’s “out there?” Possibly. But more likely, he’ll never know it exists.IMG_2264.JPGI feel as if circumcision is quickly approaching as a front runner of the (never ending) “mommy wars.” So, if I’ve offended you with this post, I apologize. These are my views based solely on my personal experiences as a mom.IMG_1195.JPG I’m glad it happened the way it did. But I promise, I won’t judge you on your decision for your son. Because he’s YOUR baby, and you decide what’s right for him for now.

Is circumcision a hot topic for you?

7 thoughts on “The Real Reason We Didn’t Circumcise

  1. Naomi says:

    My sister is totally against it and has a lot of things to back it up. She opened my eyes about it. I was for it before I read her post. I always thought it would be a hassle to keep everything clean without circumcision, but she says it’s self cleaning like the inside of a vagina. She also pointed out that uncircumcized is sexually more pleasing to both partners and is less likely to have pre-ejaculation issues. I guess if I had a boy, I might end up in your boat — it’s not medically needed so let’s skip it.

    I guess I’m lucky that I have a girl. I didn’t have to worry about that issue!

  2. cdaggett08 says:

    Personally I plan on having any sons of mine circumcised, but if, like you, it doesn’t go as planned, I feel the same way. If it is not absolutely necessary, no anesthesia, and circumcision does not fall in that category. As a nurse in pediatrics, nursery and labor and delivery I support moms no matter what decision they make. I will say, there are many different ways for a doctor to circumcise and some are more difficult to see. We have one doctor that will allow the parents to be present if they want, but often they prefer to not be there because it is hard on the parents. Way to go momma for making the decision that was right for you and your family!! Honestly, I feel there is no need to justify or explain your choices!!

    • mamabyfire says:

      I agree there’s no need for justification. My intention for this post was more to recognize how quick some people are to judge regarding this matter. It can get out of hand. I really appreciate you for sharing your view point! You’re around it a lot more than most! Thank you!! šŸ˜„

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