Dollar Store Christmas Decor

I love decorating for Christmas. I listen to the music as soon as it starts playing on the radio. I love putting up lights and the gawdy glittery ornaments.

At our old house I went through a brief stint of lighting up every single bush in our front yard.

I say brief because first off, I had to put everything up by myself (except lights on the house, the husband did that.) Second, the power bill. Our bill was well over twice the norm one year. That was it for me.

But I still went pretty crazy inside. At least in our main living space.

Now at our new house, we have two main living spaces. And we’re hosting Christmas, so I need to decorate accordingly.

Unfortunately, brand new Christmas decorations just aren’t in the budget this year, (if we want to buy presents, anyway.) So I thought I would check Pinterest for some budget friendly, DIY Christmas decorations.

Here is what I found, followed by what I did…

1. Easy Wreath

I hit up the dollar store with high hopes for the ornaments. Sadly they only had three colors, but I was willing to make do. They didn’t have the foam circle so I cut up an aluminum pan I already had.IMG_3398.JPGThey also didn’t really have much of a variety of sizes, so any random gaps I had, I just stuffed a coffee filter in there (left overs from the wreath I made last week.) This wreath cost me about $3.IMG_3424.JPG2. Giant Wall SnowflakesΒ All I needed to buy for these were Popsicle sticks, so they only set me back a dollar.IMG_3444.JPG3. Ornaments in the windowΒ I was pretty excited about this one because I have some ornaments that I love but couldn’t put on the tree because they’re too breakable.IMG_3433.JPGNot the most impressive photo, but it looks pretty cool in person. And it brings Christmas to the room!

Do you have any inexpensive decorating ideas, Pinterest or otherwise? Please share! I have a few open spaces!

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26 thoughts on “Dollar Store Christmas Decor

  1. NerdyKoreanMom says:

    I love the ornaments hanging down the window! We decided not to put up our big Christmas tree this year because I’m 100% sure my baby will be tugging on the tree from the bottom… I’ll have to try your window idea! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. breetalks says:

    What great ideas! I’d never seen the giant wall snowflakes before! I’ll have to put them on my to-do list! Pinning them. Thanks!

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