Easy DIY Wreath

As we’re getting rid of everything we own and settling into our new place, I can’t help but get excited about breaking out the Christmas decorations. They’re just sitting right in front of my face (in the garage), and it has taken everything I have to wait until this weekend.

We have a beautiful fake tree that looks a lot more real than you would think.

I swore I would never get one.

I love the smell of a real tree and half the fun is picking it out. Two years in a row our real tree died within a week. I don’t have to tell you about the needles everywhere. And can we just talk about the cost for a minute? Man, trees are expensive!!

We broke down. We got a fantastic 7 foot tree on sale for $75. After (at least) six years, it has more than paid for itself.IMG_3293.JPGSure, last year we finally took all of the lights off (which was way more of a pain than expected). It needed to be done, half of the lights weren’t working and it was making me crazy! This year, we’ll just have to string the lights ourselves.

I have beautiful “adult” ornaments for our tree. They break when a toddler looks their way. I got to use them for the little lady’s first two Christmases. However, last year was almost a disaster for my gorgeous ornaments.

So now, I need to suck it up and start getting crafty with the kids. And I need to accept the fact that I won’t be seeing my beautiful, perfect tree for quite some time.

Our first Christmas craft is not for our tree, though. The little girl and I made a wreath out of coffee filters.

The idea is from one of my favorite blogs, Maggie May’s Gifts. Jill is the master behind the blog and she has so many easy creative ways to decorate your living space that transforms it into a home.

The other day, I read the title of her post, Elegant Winter Wreath Using Coffee Filters. The words “elegant” and “coffee filters” in the same title? Consider me intrigued.

I loved how the end result looked so I decided we would give it a try. I had almost everything that was needed, except the coffee filters, and they only set me back about two bucks.

So, for this wreath you will need:

Coffee filters (I used white)
A frame (The one I had was 8×10.)
A glue gun
An embellishment if you want

Start glueing a pasting.IMG_3250.JPGI used the back of a pen to put in the center of the coffee filter so I could put glue on it, then press it onto the frame.IMG_3249.JPG My little lady had a great time helping me! Her job was separating the filters and staying clear of the glue gun.IMG_3251.JPGShe did a great job at both. When she was done, she counted, and recounted the glue sticks. And I only burned my hand with the glue gun once! You can imagine Z’s delight when she decided I needed a bandaid.

Once I had the frame filled with filters, I wanted to add something to it.IMG_3256.JPGDo you remember the gems I used for Miss Z’s Ariel Halloween costume?IMG_3266.JPGI just popped a few of those suckers off, (not nearly as easy as it sounds), and glued them on our wreath.IMG_3270.JPGI hung it up outside, next to our door because there was already a convenient wreath hook waiting. As soon as I find some I like, I’m going to add a ribbon for it to hang from as suggested by Jill.

I love it though! And I think it is, in fact, elegant.IMG_3275.JPGIMG_3276.JPGHave you made any Holiday crafts yet this year?

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