Semi-Homemade Oreos

One of the most exciting things in the world, (for a budget conscious SAHM), is finding a buy one, get one item at the store that is already on your list.

While shopping the other day, I saw the graham crackers had this very special deal.

I grabbed the regular flavor like always. The kids (and the husband and I), love them with homemade almond butter for an afternoon snack.

Then I noticed they have a chocolate flavor! I had never seen this before! Is it a new thing, or have I just been living under a rock? Either way, I was looking forward to getting home so we could try them out.

If we weren’t shopping for dinner at the time, I would have broken into them at the store. As it was, the boy got ahold of some yogurt and somehow chewed a hole in the top, so that was the kiddos’ snack at the store. Right before dinner.

Once we finally got to sample the chocolate crackers, they made me think of Oreos. We love those cookies in this house. I used to make an Oreo shake almost every night. Not anymore though, turns out, they’re not as healthy as I once thought.

But the occasional Oreo isn’t so bad.

Back when I was Pinterest obsessed, I found a recipe to make them. Unfortunately, there are only two times a year that I break out the rolling pin and cookie cutters to make cookies. That’s sugar cookies at Christmas and for the kiddos birthdays. So homemade Oreos for me was a no-go, (call me lazy, or whatever, I am just not going to do it!)

While eating the chocolate graham crackers I thought maybe I could make the Oreo filling and put it on these. So I did. And of course, the little girl got to help.

semi homemade oreos edit

For Semi-Homemade Oreos, you will need:IMG_3022.JPGChocolate Graham Crackers
1 stick of butter (I used unsalted)
2 Tablespoons of Half and Half
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups powdered sugar

I used my Kitchen Aid mixer, but I’m sure you can stir by hand. Most likely it will taste the same, you just may get a bit tired.

1. Cream the butter.

2. Add the liquid ingredients and one cup of the sugar. Mix well.

3. Add another cup of sugar, mix well.

4. Add the last cup of sugar, mix well.

Spread some on half of a graham cracker, put the other half on top. I made some half sized cookies for my husband and me, and some quarter sized cookies for the kids.IMG_3030.JPGWe just so happened to have some Oreos to compare with our new creation.IMG_3026-0.JPGI really liked the crunch of the cracker and with the chocolate it still had a lot of the qualities of a regular Oreo.

The filling we made was really good! You could argue it’s just a simple buttercream frosting. Ok. Maybe. But it tastes a lot like the Oreo filling, without the lard. And I gotta say, at the risk of sounding pretentious, the mouthfeel of the homemade stuff was much better than the original. I never noticed before, but it’s a bit gritty.

I stuck them in the refrigerator to “firm up” and I think they were even better once they were cold. I will definitely be making these again! Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a milkshake with them.IMG_3032.JPGHave you ever taken a favorite junk food and made it at home?

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