I wasn’t going to, but there are too many cute pictures not to. I have to share a bit about Halloween.

Little Miss was Ariel and I would be lying if I said it was an original thought of hers. With her red hair and all, and The Little Mermaid being one of mine and my husband’s favorite Disney movie, we did some gentle nudging. Then suggesting. Then one day, we asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she magically said “Ariel!”

Sweet! I got the green light! (In our defense, she really IS into her.)

I love putting costumes together with whatever I can find at Value Village. So off I went to see what I could find for a mermaid.

I lucked out.

I found some awesome shiny, green, net-like material and snatched it up. (From my descriptions here on out, you will know, without a doubt, that I do not sew, and I truly have no idea what I’m doing.)

Then I had to look for something that would be the main part of the tail. I found a Women’s size small skirt that was a beautiful shimmery green, and it just happened to flare at the bottom. I had big plans for this piece, but it could also crumble in my face.

Next, I had to find a purple top for the bra piece.

Seriously, I was on a roll! I found a purple dress with some purple sequins. I could not believe it!

I know what you’re thinking. She doesn’t sew, how is she going to put something together. It was pretty risky buying all of this stuff and not really knowing whether it would work or not. But it was a $19 risk I was willing to take.IMG_1768.JPGI cut the skirt part off of the purple dress. The top was done.

Then I had to “take in” (is that the right phrase?) the skirt. She was going to wear it all the way up under her arm pits. After some painstakingly sloooooow hand sewing, it was done.

Now for the really fun part, (or really lame, tedious part that had to be done because it MADE the outfit), the shiny net-like material had to be put to use. I cut it in strips, (which sucked.) Next, I sewed a bunch of the strips to the top of the green dress, (also sucked).IMG_1892.JPGThen, I used tiny rubber bands to gather two strips all the way around the top. Then I did another row, then another, and another.IMG_2344.JPGThere’s a twisted sort of excitement that one has when they’re doing something crafty and they have no idea if it’s actually going to come together like it’s supposed to.

This one, to me anyway, came together. What did it? The gems from Michael’s!! IMG_2535.JPGAnd finally, the girl was actually willing to try it on, (because my stubborn little lady doesn’t want to make anything easy for me).

I was pretty proud of this costume because I was making it up as I went.IMG_2645.JPGWe had to make a run to the grocery store before trick or treating and she insisted on walking, (instead of sitting in the cart.) I like to think it’s because she wanted to show off her costume. 🙂

In the end, my inexperience proved to be the death of the outfit. It was too long and Z kept stepping on it. The poor girl! She was a good sport about it though, she just kept yanking it back up.

My little guy got the shaft once again, you could say. I spent the entire month, (a minute here, a few minutes there….), working on his sister’s costume, so I didn’t have time to make one for him. He has an adorable Spider-Man shirt, so that’s what he got to wear. You have to admit, he looks pretty cute.IMG_2667.JPGAnd since I dress up with them when we go trick or treating too, I dressed up Forty’s style. A nice little nod to my swing dancing days.IMG_2695.JPG(Above Photo Credit: Rex Rudee)
IMG_2668.JPGLet’s not forget Z’s best friend. She and her mom have joined us for trick or treating every year. I think this year is the first time they truly understood what they were working for. And they had a blast!!IMG_2697.JPGThey were the cutest airplane (yes, her mom made it!), and mermaid asking for candy.

What did you and your kiddos do for Halloween this year? Do you dress up too, or do you go for comfort?

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20 thoughts on “Halloween!!

  1. threeboysandamom says:

    This is just so many kinds of cute!!! You did a great job! I’m not a good sewer and have never made a homemade costume til this year, so when the skunks came out pretty good, I was very excited!! I had to trick them into wearing them because they were hesitant about the tails haha, but eventually they loved it! You looked gorgeous and your kids are just precious! Good job and thanks for sharing!!

    • mamabyfire says:

      Thank you, Rachael! You made those?! They turned out great!! They were so adorable! (They seemed warm too-it didnt get too cold here but i know not everyone was so lucky. If i remeber correctly you guys had some cold weather?) thanks again!! 😊

      • threeboysandamom says:

        Thank you so much! Yeah my sister in law had the idea and we just bought some fabric, cut out shapes and got to sewing haha. It was time consuming but very easy! And we can reuse all of it and take the fuzz off so it’s just regular black pants and hoodies. Pretty cool.,I’m all about cheap, easy and multi purpose haha. And yes, our weather was awful for trick or treating…and it was a bummer because the days before it had been so warm,and sunny. Oh well,..it made it feel festive and we still had a great time! Glad you guys had good weather and lots of fun! Its such a fun time of year!!!

  2. Alana says:

    Well done!!!! I love your gentle nudging! Lol. I would’ve done the same. It took me about 6 or so years after seeing the Little Mermaid to get over not having red hair. Lol. Both kids are adorable, but your Ariel costume is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  3. Naomi says:

    You did a fantastic job! We just buy (or borrow from Grandma when she’s big enough) costumes. I dress up as a pirate every year, and this year the little one was a “good witch.”

  4. Marla says:

    Oh my! How cute is she! And her costume is amazing! Seriously, I am very impressed with your skills. I am scared of making a costume. Luckily this year I pulled out an old one, and my boy is so small he didn’t care, but in the coming years I’ll probably need to conquer my fears! Loved the pictures and glad you shared! 🙂

    • mamabyfire says:

      Thank you! Lol! The last two years she didn’t care either so i got to choose what i wanted, but this year she became pretty set on Ariel. After the nudging, of course! ☺️

  5. Less to More says:

    You did an awesome job! Your little mermaid looks adorable! I like getting stuff @ the thrift store too. And, like you, sewing is my weakness. I’ve used fabric glue, and that worked pretty well.

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