A Silver Lining Somewhere

Today was a crap day.

The 16 month old has been sleeping like an infant for about two weeks. And dreams of starting to wean are quickly disappearing in my rear view.

I forgot how lack of sleep can make you crazy. Please tell me it’s just a growth spurt and we’ll be sleeping through the night again soon!! Any inklings of a third are quickly fading.

It also doesn’t help that my husband is out of town. I won’t go into too much detail, but he is in a much sunnier, beachier place than good ol’ rainy Seattle.

Oh! And we’re still moving.

I was feeling pretty good about myself this morning. I packed up my FIL’s truck full of stuff yesterday (all by myself, going upstairs and everything!)

This morning I took the kids in my car, the FIL drove the truck, and we met at the new place. It’s about an hour away. I got there first and pushed the garage door opener button, nothing happened.

We went to Wal Mart, got new batteries, tried again. Nothing happened.

Texting my husband all along, expletives all over the place, he was finally able to sneak out of his conference and call me.

Turns out there’s a switch inside the house that needs to be on in order for the opener button to work.

Evidently that effing switch was off.

Why didn’t I have a key, you ask?

Fantastic question. Just be happy you weren’t there today to ask me or else YOU would have been my last straw. But you weren’t, and my husband was, and he returned to his class likely feeling pretty bad.

I guess my point in this long winded rant is I got to learn something the hard way. I will never, ever forget the keys to our new place and I will always make sure that stupid switch is on.

I do my best to let my kids learn the hard way. It’s not easy though. We’re their parents, and our job is to protect them. But when it’s something that won’t result in (too much) harm, then why not let them try something out.

The little lady is learning to cook. She takes forever and spills stuff everywhere. But she has to. That’s how you learn. And if she drops the last egg on the floor and we have to stop baking our cookies, she will learn the hard way. And she (most likely) won’t drop an egg ever again.IMG_2520.JPGThe baby has become quite the climber. He falls off of stuff a lot. I’ve caught him plenty of times, but not always. He doesn’t fall very often anymore and he’s an expert at sliding off of the couch.IMG_2415.JPG
Today, things didn’t go as I planned, but lucky for me, I have some very understanding in-laws.

Once I recovered, we got to have a nice leisurely lunch with the grandparents and the kids had a great time.

We left the truck at the new place and we’ll try again Saturday. Tomorrow is Halloween and I’m determined to make sure the day is fun.

Here’s to hoping I can sleep off this fussiness and start over. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to pack.IMG_2524.JPGWhat do you do to turn around a crappy day? Do you find a silver lining? Or do you just count down the hours to bedtime?

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15 thoughts on “A Silver Lining Somewhere

  1. caroline says:

    This must be the week of shenanigans! Tuesday comprised a 3-hr bus commute to work (plus a 2-hr ride going home), a list of fraudulent charges to my debit account, and an unsuccessful attempt at breaking into my own home in the rain (I lost my house keys). A glass of wine was my silver lining, although I fell asleep in my work clothes on the couch and never finished it. Here’s to tomorrow, T…a better day! xo

    • mamabyfire says:

      Oh, wow, Caroline! And here I am whining about my day-just one day! We tried breaking in too, but since the neighbors don’t know us yet, I didn’t want to push it. I hope you have a good bank that will take care of the charges-that is so frustrating! Cheers to tomorrow! It WILL be better. And everywhere we look, there will be chocolate!

  2. threeboysandamom says:

    Crappy days are hard to bounce back fom sometimes….but I try to maintain my perspectacles and pull it back together if I go too far down the crap road. I’m exhausted today and those are usually days I feel like things don’t go as well because my patience is thinner and they seem to pick up on that. I hate those days. But usually for bedtime, even if I can’t wait to have a few minutes to myself, I try to slow down and enjoy the bedtime routine, snuggle, breathe them in, release the day, and pray for a better day the next day. You’re doing great with a lot on your plate!!!

    • mamabyfire says:

      Sometimes the bad days are hard to recover from, so they just get worse and worse. But I’m the same way, (usually), once bedtime hits, I want to enjoy the reading and the snuggles. Thank you, Rachael! I feel like we almost have an end in sight to the moving… 🙂

  3. Mommy A to Z says:

    Yikes, sounds like a bad day! Moving is tough. But your little guy looks so cute in the box. My little guy is a climber too…we’re all learning the hard way around here 🙂

    • mamabyfire says:

      The day eventually got better. And, yeah, moving isn’t fun. I was pretty proud of that picture, or was it him? He’s always happy with himself when he get’s into something he thinks he’s not supposed to. I guess our little one’s are in the same really fun stage of exploration and let’s see what I can get away with!

    • mamabyfire says:

      Lol! I want to give myself a time out! The days when you’re counting down the minutes to bedtime are the worst! For me, not only does the time drag, but other things (that irritate me) continue to come up.

  4. Naomi says:

    It all gets better once I can get some time alone in silence. I also have to be rude to the hubby and tell him to play his game upstairs (behind a closed door) instead of watch tv. Ugg, I get no relaxation with the tv blaring.

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