My Little Personalities

One of the wonders of being a parent is watching personalities develop. Our two kids could not be more different.

My daughter has been stubborn since the day she was born. She put me through 22 hours of labor only to end in a cesarean because the cord was wrapped around her neck (I know, likely not her fault).

She went on a nursing strike at two and a half months old. What baby does that?

She knew what she wanted and she was/is dead set on getting it how she wants it.

My son on the other hand, came out smiling with a VBAC.

At 15 months old, he’s showing no signs of wanting to stop nursing, (mama’s gonna have to put the halt on that one very soon!)

We tried the CIO method with both kids.

For the girl, it worked out great!

Not so much for the boy.

A little known option for the “cry it out” method, if it doesn’t work, stop doing it. It gets such a bad rap because of the crazy extremists out there. Whatever, my point isn’t to defend our CIO trial and errors.

Take them out in public, their differences are fascinating!

Ever since Z was born she would turn away from people. To this day, she will not speak in front of you unless she’s been around you for awhile.

For our ENTIRE vacation, the only time she spoke was when it was just our little family in our hotel room. She didn’t even talk to her Aunt Carol whom she is usually quite comfortable around.

When we go on play dates, it takes awhile for her to warm up to the friend, (whether they’re old or new).

It takes several play dates for her to warm up to the friend’s parent. And I’m happy to say that after two and a half years worth of play dates, Miss Z was insanely chatty with her friend yesterday, in front of her friend’s mom! Crazy, I know!

When we go to the zoo or aquarium or something most kids happily exclaim about, the little miss “shuts down.”

IMG_1799.JPG(This was taken right before she met Peppa.)

Or does she?

She looks mad. Doesn’t talk out of her own free will, and gives short answers when spoken to-if we’re lucky.

Some would say she’s being a little B word, because of the way she’s coming across.

(I mean “Brat!” That’s my kid we’re talking about!)

IMG_2277.JPG(This is her really excited face while in public.)

But she’s not. She’s observing. Everything. And I will be damned if she doesn’t stop talking about whatever it was we were doing once we get home…and the next day…and the next.

The baby is happy and chatty all the freaking time!IMG_1555.JPGWhen we leave family or friends they’re saying can I have a hug? Or a kiss? How about a high five? All the while Z is hiding her face in my shoulder. And R is practicing his beauty pageant wave and kisses.

So when you’re saying good bye to an adorable kiddo you thought you were good with, and they suddenly pretend they don’t know you, it’s nothing personal.

They may just be waiting until they get into the car so they can tell their parents how awesome you are.

So you could say Z is the introvert, (like daddy), and R is the extrovert, (like mama). Which is great! That’s how we learn from each other, and keep a form of balance in our family. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How are your kids’ personalities? Are they different? Or are they always thinking alike?

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17 thoughts on “My Little Personalities

  1. threeboysandamom says:

    This is precious. So amazing how different they can all be. This was cool to learn more of your beautiful kids personalities. My boys have so many similarities but also so many differences. Its so fun to watch their personalities unfold… So far, they kind of fit their birth orders! Well see how it changes. Very cute post!

  2. andthreetogo says:

    Chad and I are both mostly extroverts and so is Z (so far). Lucky for us, I don’t know how I would know what to do with an introvert. It would be very difficult for me to understand… Possible, but difficult. It’s good that you guys both have one like you, definitely evens the playing field. 🙂

    • mamabyfire says:

      Haha! It has taken me a long time to finally start to understand my introverted husband. I still have a hard time sometimes. And yes, we both feel very lucky we each have one like us. 😃

  3. Marla says:

    Kids personalities are so intriguing to me! I only have one right now, although we’ll probably have another soon, and I’m so curious about what our next will be like! Similar or completely different? It seems they come pre-wired! Thanks for this post!

    • mamabyfire says:

      It’s so much fun! Sometimes we can pinpoint exactly who they got something from, other times, we have no clue. Pre-wired is a good term for it, we can only mold them so much! LOL! Thank you for stopping by!!

  4. Naomi says:

    We have just one kid, and she’s a total extrovert. Everyone is her friend, and she’s happy to introduce herself to anyone and give out hugs and kisses. The hubby and I are both introverts and feel uncomfortable in public places.

    • mamabyfire says:

      Omg! That is so funny! She’s opposite of mom and dad!! It’ll probably help you out in the future when you and your husband don’t want to talk to someone, she’ll do it for you. Haha!

  5. Alana says:

    I started writing a post hat I never finished wherein I started writing that my children are equally wonderful in very different ways. My son, like yours is more of the charmer. While my daughter is soooo serious around other ppl and slow to warm-up. My son is the high-maintence one tho, and my daughter is easy (outside of her stubbornness). It’s on this principle alone,mi think all parents should have more than one kid. It really shows you, just when you think you’ve got this parenting thing under wraps, another personality shows you that there isn’t a set way to ween, get baby to sleep through the night, have a happy child 🙂 my son is 16 months and still nursing too! Sorry I’m all over the map with my comments. Great post as always!!!

    • mamabyfire says:

      Haha! I love it!! Our kids sound a lot alike. I agree, you think you have the parenting thing down, then a whole different personality is thrown in. Changes everything you thought you knew. Thanks, Alana!!

  6. melissajane01 says:

    Yes, my son will not look or speak to people he doesn’t know but my daughter is very social and will start telling strangers stories! I like the balance too!

  7. Tricia the Good Mama says:

    It’s really amazing how different kids personalities can be in the same family! I only have one, but I’m so curious to see how the next child will be. I’ll definitely take my son’s personality again (very laid back and happy), but it would be nice to get a sleeper next time. Is that asking too much? haha

  8. Theresa (Capri + 3) says:

    I love the cute photos! I can relate to what you are noticing with personality differences. We have four the same age that are all completely different! It’s amazing how one gene pool can produce so many personalities. : 0 )

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