Let’s Read About Me (Review)

Disclosure: I received a Let’s Read About Me book as a gift with the option to write a review. All opinions in this post, like my others, are my own.

You may remember from a post I wrote a while back about number two getting left out. One way my son has missed out on some extra stellar parenting is he doesn’t have a baby book. Well, that’s not completely true, we own a baby book for him, there’s just nothing in it.

So when Regina from Let’s Read About Me contacted me about a picture book as a gift, I was pretty excited. If nothing else, my little guy would have a book with pictures of just him when he was a baby.

Making the Book:

It was an easy process. All I had to do was go to their website, pick out my book of choice (they have over 20 titles to choose from), download some pictures, and fill in a few blanks. Done. Took me about 15 minutes.

They have three different formats.

The Memory Book, which is what I got, is an 8×10 hard cover book. Price starts out at $19.89.

The Just My Size Book, is 5×7 soft cover, tear/water resistant paper. Price starts out at $10.89.

And the eBook, self explanatory. Price is $9.89.

The Book:

I couldn’t wait to get it in the mail!

At first glance, my initial thoughts were:

*“I think I could make something like this.”

After going through the book over and over, I came to the conclusion, sure, maybe I could make something like this. But it’s not likely. I’m a pretty gung ho DIY-er, but I don’t have the time, knowledge, or materials, (not to mention the right printer), to come close to something like this.

*“I wonder if the picture quality is my fault or the printers fault.”

Some of the photos in my, (Ronan’s), book are perfect. The lighting, they’re not blurry, and they just look great. Some of them, not so much. When I was putting my book together online, I was too eager to get it going to make sure the photos would look good, (as a professional photographer’s daughter, I am hanging my head in shame.)

*“I wish I was allowed to change the sentences more.”

The whole purpose of these books is for the early reader to get a chance to read about themselves. That’s why their titles all include the baby’s name. My book in particular is called “Sweet Baby Ronan,” so each page says the same thing, “He has sweet (mama fills in the blank.)” At first it annoyed me because I was thinking, this is my baby book for R! But it’s not, it’s his book and it’s kept simple for my (very) young reader.

My Favorite Part:

The pages don’t rip. Seriously.

In my package, they sent a piece of paper that basically says just that, and to test it out on said piece of paper, (because nobody wants to test something like that on the actual book, that kind of testing is for the kiddos.) After many, many tries, my husband was able to get a tiny tear.

Sure it’s really awesome that I have a book with adorable pictures of my baby, but it makes it so much more awesome that I know the kids can’t tear it apart.


You can see how hard we tried to rip the stupid thing! The tear is on the left, right above the word “We.”

A Cool Thing About a Purchase:

With my package, there was a piece of paper that said, “With your purchase, you have donated a book to a child who doesn’t have books in his/her home.”

So, I’m helping other kids learn how to read. Basically.

My Kids’ Reaction:

They love this book. The pictures are familiar and the book is easy to turn pages. And who doesn’t love to read about themselves? Or, rather, what kid doesn’t love to read about them self?

For more information on the company, what they’re about, how/why they got started, check out their website Let’s Read About Me.


The more my daughter looks through R’s book, the more she’s going to want one of her own. Lucky for her, Christmas is just around the corner.

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Read About Me (Review)

  1. threeboysandamom says:

    This kooks really cool!! Luke doesn’t have a filled in baby book either…and if I’m honest, the twins book is pretty scarce. I have journals for each of them I write in but that has tapered off too 😞 I hate that there’s not more hours in a day! But this seems like a great easy way to preserve memories. Glad you got it for free and it was a great review 😉

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