House Hunting with Kids

We are off on a new adventure! We sold our house and now we get to look for a new one!

So far we have gone searching once and we saw 2.5 houses. I would love to say that it was a fun day filled with hope and excitement, topped off with plans of what we’ll put where.

Not so much. Aside from each place we looked at being a complete disaster, IΒ was unprepared. We left the house thinking we were only going to see two houses in the morning, then we would be home for lunch. The day ended up being a bit longer than expected. With two young children.

Here are some things I wish we had done differently, or rather, here are things I will do next time.

*Leave the kids with a sitter.

We would have. Unfortunately, I was unable to make any appointments on the weekend, and our sitter, (my mom), works on the weekdays.

So. If you get to take the little ones with you, be more prepared.

*Bring snacks

Lots of them! Also, pack a lunch. The kids stay entertained for a really long time with just a few little “bunny crackers” on their laps. It’s much easier getting directions from the husband when you don’t have a child screaming at you from the back seat.

*Car activities

Bring a few different things to entertain the kiddos while they’re stuck in their car seat for a bit. We have plenty of toys and books on the floor in my car, but they are “old” and the kids were not to be bothered by them. I would suggest, to you as well as myself, to search Pinterest for some amazing, innovative ways to entertain the kiddies in the car for long road trips.

house hunting Ronan edit 3

*Take Breaks

Not just potty breaks. Schedule two house viewings, then check out a local park. This may take a tiny bit of research of the area before you head out. It is worth it!!! (Plus you’ll get to know the area better. Win-win!) While you’re at the park letting the kids stretch their legs, you can even eat the perfect healthy lunch you packed.

house hunting Zoe edit

*Nap time

If your kids sleep in the car, congratulations! You can check out a few more houses after your lunch break!

But, if they don’t, save yourself some serious heartache/headache/whatever, and call it a day. Go home. Check out some more places another day.

Our second stop of the day was considered the .5 because we didn’t go inside. But this gem was on the front lawn.

House hunting

Who steals plants? And who goes through the trouble to write a sign like that? Questions I don’t mind never getting an answer to.

Like I said, our first day wasn’t successful. But, it was only the first day. I am choosing to remain optimistic when we go out again next time. Without the kids. Just me and the husband.

Any tips you’d like to share that makes house hunting with kids a bit more doable?



17 thoughts on “House Hunting with Kids

  1. nicolewebb1 says:

    That sign though! Oh my goodness.. don’t they know it looks Trashy and bad when you are expecting people to come look at your home?? Ha ha! Hope you find a wonderful home soon πŸ™‚

  2. Tricia the Good Mama says:

    Aw, I feel bad for the person whose plants were stolen! We just went through house hunting. It’s fun, but it can be a long day with a little one (or more like you). I agree with all of your tips. We bought along help to go house hunting or we left my son with my mother in law. We did find the perfect house though! Good luck to you! I hope you find your dream home. Congratulations on selling your old house!

    • mamabyfire says:

      Thank you! That’s a great idea-maybe next time we can bring someone along. Congrats on your new place! I was thinking about you and your post on moving with a little one. I’ll be going back to it very soon…

  3. erikavey says:

    Oh goodness! My husband and I are house hunting as well. If we have to bring the kids I limit it to one house for the day. It is too difficult to keep everyone happy (husband included) if we do more than that. Good luck on the search!

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