Cooking With My Little

Now that Z is hitting a certain age, she wants to do everything by herself. I try to let her with a lot of things. She does a great job pouring things into her cup, and, lucky me, she knows how to open the refridgerator. Oh, and she learned really quick where the “snack drawer” is, so, she sometimes just helps herself. Ugh.

The first time she wanted to go to the potty by herself, well, we learned from that one. She forgot to put Dora on the toilet (the potty training piece that goes on the regular toilet). And yes, she fell in. It was so sad! Now whenever she says she wants to pee, we always remind her to put Dora on.

She has always loved helping out in the kitchen. She cooks with my dad everytime he’s over, and he even got her an adorable Z-sized apron.

I let her help me cook too, but I forget a lot of times. But thanks to Ai at Less To More and her post the other day 5 Benefits of Having Little Kitchen Helpers, I was reminded to let my little lady help me more often. Because she really does love it!

So, I thought we would do something (fairly) quick, and very simple. That way, she could pretty much do it all by herself.

I picked up some pumpkin ice cream at TJ’s and it is delicious! It tastes just like the pie! So, why not add a little pie crust garnish? I always have pie crust on hand (store bought-if you make your own, more power to ya!)

We got her cute little apron on. Washed hands (for a really long time). And got ready.

She unrolled the crust on the floured surface, that she made. IMG_1587.JPGIMG_1589.JPGThen took cookie cutters and went to town. IMG_1591.JPGI was hoping for leaves because it would be crazy adorable for fall, but I couldn’t find them. We had to settle for a more Halloween theme. Z liked it though, she kept saying, “Look Mommy, we’re making Batman’s!” (Uncle Q will be so proud!)

Apparently, my OCD comes out when I’m cooking. I tend to “hover” and correct people. It was making me crazy how she was cutting the bats out-randomly and everywhere. But, I kept myself in check because she is learning her way to do things-plus, she was doing a great job.

While she was making Batman’s, I brushed each piece with a bit of butter and sprinkled them with some cinnamon and sugar. Then I baked for about 8 minutes. Stick it in the prettiest scoop of ice cream you can make, and there you go.IMG_1638.JPG An easy, and very tasty dessert for guests, or just for fun for the family.


What do you like to make in the kitchen with your kiddos?


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23 thoughts on “Cooking With My Little

  1. Alana says:

    What a great helper you have! She’s such an adorable little girl ❀ I love the bat idea. I know what you mean though, I can feel a bit OCD at times when we are making crafts or baking. I get a bit tense, and then, like you remind myself they're learning. And a little bit more mess on top of a fairly consistent baseline of mess is not the end of the world! Lol.

    • mamabyfire says:

      She is a big help! Thank you! I drive my husband crazy when he’s cooking ☺️ I just have to remember to leave the kitchen so we can stay friends. Haha! Same with the crafts-she loves to paint with her hands. So much fun!!

  2. Samantha says:

    I can get a little OCD in the kitchen too. Especially when I recently cleaned it. But like you said I too try to keep it in check and let them go about it their own way, the only way they learn how to do it and build their confidence up. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, I need to get my littles into the kitchen more too!

  3. Mommy Crusader says:

    Good job letting her do it on her own. That takes a lot of restraint and is something I’m still trying to master. Thanks for the fabulous idea to involve little ones in the kitchen.

  4. Sue Parke says:

    Omg she fell in the toilet lol?! Poor thing! This looks delicious! Brilliant idea with the pie crust and pumpkin ice cream. I’m definitely gonna need to go to TJ’s to get some – I haven’t tried it. Btw if she can open the fridge maybe start putting her to work when you’re unloading groceries! Lol

    • mamabyfire says:

      Yeah, big time mom fail! 😞 That’s a great idea, though, I’ll have to start putting her to work. Thanks!! Definitely try the ice cream-it is so delicious!!!

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