Bread Crumbs-A How To

One of the places we go since sticking to a budget, is our local Franz Bakery Outlet. We get the bread we love, and it’s always on sale so we tend to bulk up.

We went the other day and bought six loaves of bread for about $12.

Oh, yeah, and we got a free loaf. So, actually, that’s seven loaves of bread for $12. (We froze all but two loaves.)

When we got home, one of the loaves got stepped on by the baby, (no idea why it was on the floor). Luckily it was the free one-so not really our favorite type bread (or the healthiest.)IMG_1014.JPGEven so, I had a hard time throwing it away. I figured we could feed some ducks or something.

Then last night it dawned on me-bread crumbs!! They seemed easy enough to make-and they definitely were!

You will need:
One loaf of bread
One stick of butter
A large stock pot
Food processor

1. Put the stick of butter in the large stock pot on medium heat.IMG_1016.JPG2. While the butter is melting, process the bread in your food processor. (It took me three batches, but it’s so fast I hardly noticed.)IMG_1015.JPGIMG_1017-0.JPG3. Mix the crumbs with the butter. Stir thoroughly. And once everything is evenly coated, stir occasionally so the bread won’t burn.IMG_1018.JPG4. When it sounds crunchy or like sandpaper, it’s done. You can add salt and pepper, or any spices you like. I kept mine plain so I can change it as needed.IMG_1023.JPGStore in an airtight container for up to two months-at least that’s what the internet said to do.

Now I just need some fabulous recipes that call for bread crumbs. If you have any, please share!

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