Purses, Pockets, and CR-V’s

About 15 years ago, I used to go out dancing every friday and saturday night.  No, not “twerking” or “grinding” dancing.  Swing dancing.  I used to get all gussied up in some sort of ’40’s-ish outfit and I would take the pins out of my hair, (because I was making pin curls, obviously.)

Then I would get to choose out of my fantastic collection of purses.  Which one do I take tonight?  The bright yellow one?  The red one with gems?  I was sort of into purses.  Not shoes, not clothes so much, purses, (although, I loved a good deal on an awesome vintage outfit).

Over the years, as I started using these awesome funky purses less and less, I gave them away.  Little by little.  (Makes it sound like I had 100’s, it was more like 10.)

Eventually, I got down to one purse that I used daily.  I had the normal stuff in it.  Wallet, chapstick, compact, etc…Since becoming a mom, things have changed…a bit.

I held out as long as I could.  I would carry my cute purse along with my diaper bag.  Soon, it ended up inside the diaper bag.  Now I just have a wallet.  This is my adorable, super stylish “purse” that I use now.

IMG_0658.JPGIt could be worse.  But it is definitely a diaper bag.  And lets take a look inside, shall we?IMG_0660.JPG

A blanket, homemade baby wipes, two types of sunscreen, toys, diapers.  And if you look close enough, my wallet is in the center a bit to the left.IMG_0661.JPG

And if we delve a bit deeper, we would discover even more baby stuff that is even less “put-together” mommy stuff.  I’m pretty sure there are bubbles that I see, and of course some sort of ointment-most likely desitin.  I am feeling more and more glamorous by the second.

Just for grins, I thought I might empty my pockets.  I had a chocolate wrapper (chocolate happens to be my coping mechanism, which we are dangerously low on), the backing of a temporary tattoo, and a Dum-Dum stick, (and yes, the inside of my pocket is sticky. Shocker!)  That is a sharpie mark on my thumb and I have no idea how it got there.  But I do know it’s kid/family related.

IMG_0654.JPGSo now that we know my “glamorous” days are really and truly behind me, perhaps I can move on and embrace my mommy life.  Next up is my “soccer mom” car.  Oh, wait, I already have a CR-V.

What’s in your pocket?


17 thoughts on “Purses, Pockets, and CR-V’s

  1. threeboysandamom says:

    I have been thinking of a post very similar to this one about what’s in my purse/diaper bag… the other day I found a hard boiled egg in there….and then I ate it. Oh yeah! Mom Life is awesome!!!!! 😉

  2. Tricia the Good Mama says:

    I love that you used to swing dance! So much fun! My baby has totally taken over my pockets and bags. Fortunately, I held onto some of my cute bags for nights out with my husband. I always feel totally naked not lugging around my diaper bag.

    • mamabyfire says:

      Yes, I feel lost without it! And I overdid it getting rid of purses because now I don’t have any! So when we go out, I just take my wallet. Super classy! (Swing dancing was so much fun!! I miss it!)

  3. Christine says:

    we just took a vacation to Disney and at first I had a purse packed and ended up not even taking it. My ID stayed in my husband’s wallet and I put 1 credit card in my diaper backpack in case I needed it if my hubby wasn’t around. I miss my fun purses 😦

  4. Branson says:

    I can totally relate to this! LOL! I have abandoned the diaper bag FINALLY and have an actual purse again… but my son is 4 and I just switched back (carried a little kids backpack with his stuff in it in between there… looked so awesome with my shiny ninja tutrles bag, ha!)

  5. Jaya Pandey says:

    Ha ha! I love this post Tatynn. I was doing the same. But now I am in reverse direction. Yesterday I bought a lovely sling bag type of purse for me and I am so happy to get back to my old purses. My daughter is two now and I don’t need to carry as much stuff as I needed earlier. I am kind of loving it 😀

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