7 Reasons the Toddler Annoyed the Shit Out of Me Today

It was a regular day at home with the kids. Gym, lunch, nap, water play outside. But for some reason, Z kept getting on my nerves! She wasn’t doing anything too out of the ordinary, but today, all of her “toddler” qualities were making me crazy.

Here are the seven things that contributed to my short fuse.

1. When changing her, (yes, still in diapers half the time), she lifts up both legs and smacks them down fast and hard. Most of the time she doesn’t get me, but when she does, it’s always somewhere different. My leg, my face, my boobs…

2. She does not listen. On our way to the car today, she kept running away from me. I insisted that she hold my hand once we get into the parking lot. She refused and insisted I hold her arm. I feel like I look like a major jerk hanging onto my toddlers arm so she doesn’t run off.

3. I just discovered today that when she helps me “clean,” she actually just shoves everything under the couch. I’m surprised I didn’t notice sooner because I am constantly cleaning toys out from under there. I just thought they always got there by mistake. How cute am I?IMG_9755.JPG4. She pushes her brother. Constantly. Right in the back when he’s walking away from her. She runs up to him and shoves him in the center of his back. When I get mad and tell her to stop, she smirks and giggles and says, “I’m just kidding!” There is nothing more annoying than a person that laughs at you when you’re pissed.IMG_0031.JPG5. All day long she was running around spinning and being a crazy toddler. Any time she bumped something (barely), she would flip out and scream and cry. Even though she was never actually hurt, I would hold her and comfort her-I’m not a monster. Seconds later, she was up and at it again. (Enter eye roll)IMG_9992.JPG6. Bedtime. She, like most toddlers, is a master staller. So that wasn’t anything new tonight. However, after books, right before I kiss her good night and leave, she says, “I peed in my diaper, I need to be changed.” Gah!!! I had changed her right before books! It’s as if she waited to pee so she could stall a bit longer. So actually, she’s a genius.IMG_9912.JPG7. I was in a pissy mood. I don’t know why. Tired maybe? Whatever the reason, tomorrow will be better. She’s growing too fast and I won’t always get to spend every day with her like I do now.

So, if I have any cranky moments tomorrow, I’ll simply redirect our activities and enjoy my time at home with the kids.IMG_9922.JPG

22 thoughts on “7 Reasons the Toddler Annoyed the Shit Out of Me Today

  1. andthreetogo says:

    There are days that the things my z does annoys me more than others, I think it is a culmination of exhaustion, hormones, and did I mention exhaustion? Oh yeah I did.
    Anyways some days are just harder than others, thank goodness for the fun easy days πŸ™‚

    • mamabyfire says:

      Of course! Hormones! I knew I was tired, but I didn’t even think about hormones. They make me nuts! So far, today has been one of those fun, easy days. Thank goodness!!

  2. Christine says:

    Yup…happens in my house ALL the time. Yesterday I swear she made me jump for an hour straight, then chase in her in circles around the house. She wouldn’t nap and ended up being in a horrible mood that by 7:30 she was passsssed out. Let’s not forget that she was up and ready to go again at 6AM this morning….this too shall pass…

    • mamabyfire says:

      Well, it sounds like you got a good workout in… It doesn’t matter how late my daughter goes to sleep. She wakes up at the same time every morning. It used to be 6, but thankfully now, it’s more like 7.

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