It’s Our Vacation, We Will Have Fun!

My family has been going to the same place for vacation for 25 years. We stay at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan, Washington.

When I was younger, it would be in the 100’s every day of our visit. As an adult, it seems to get colder every year.

This morning, (our second full day here), we woke up to rain.

Selfishly, it was an annoying thing to wake up to. I’m on vacation! I live in Seattle!! I traveled four hours by car with two very young children so we can escape the cold for a few days!!

That’s the (very) selfish side.

The unselfish side of me says, “Good! They need the rain to help with the fires.”

Yes. Fires.

Every year we have come, there is almost always a wild fire nearby. This year is a bit different.

For one, we didn’t have a choice of two routes to get here. One was closed due to unsafe air, so that narrowed things down.

For another, a few towns have been evacuated. This means exactly what you think it would mean. People have unfortunately lost their homes.

As far as I know, nobody has been injured, but of course, this is not something that should be taken lightly.

We kept an eye on the fire fighting progress leading up to our trip, so we knew it would be safe where we stay.

But yesterday, the biggest fire was less than nine miles away.

Luckily, today, we woke up to rain. Tomorrow, the forecast says more rain…with the chance of lightning. And lightning, of course, is the origin of these fires.

Bring on the rain, but please hold the lightning!

My kids couldn’t care less what the weather is like. As long as Z gets to play in the sand and feed the ducks.

And as long as R can crawl/run/drunken baby walk wherever he pleases.

In retrospect, maybe we should have stayed home. Either way, we’ll make the best of it, and I hope for the sake of the surrounding towns, the fires will be out soon.

3 thoughts on “It’s Our Vacation, We Will Have Fun!

  1. Less to More says:

    I don’t like rain on vacation either, but sometimes it can be in your favor. When we had done a Disney vacay, it rained on and off while we were at the park. But it kept a lot of people away, so the lines were super short.

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