10 Things I Thought I Would Never Do Before I Became a Mom

Ah, the days before kids.

When we would stay up as late as we wanted because we could sleep in.

Leave the house on a moments notice, just because we thought it would be fun to meet up with a friend.

When we had perfect hygiene because we took showers daily.

And when we could judge other people’s parenting because we had absolutely NO CLUE what they were up against.

The last one got me thinking about what I used to judge, and what I’m very likely judged on now.  I came up with ten things I thought I would never do.

1. Share food with my babies.

Or, rather, share utensils with them. You get a bite of yogurt, I get a bite of yogurt…

Of course you can have some of my juice!  As long as you give back the remaining juice/backwash so I can finish it off.


2. Touch another person’s boogers. Now, I do this at least once daily, and when baby is sick, I lose count.

3. Talk about poop. I don’t like poop jokes, or farting jokes, and I definitely don’t like talking about either.

There is no longer a day that goes by when I don’t at least mention some sort of BM.

4. Skip out on plans with a friend because of a nap. My life revolves around my children’s naps, if you can’t accept that, we can no longer be friends.

5. Nurse in public-without a cover.

I tried to with one, for a very long time.  My baby is weird. He doesn’t like eating under a blanket, so he pulls it off. I then flash everyone within ten feet, thus defeating the purpose of the cover in the first place.

Now, I just practice discretion, and baby eats happily.

6. Not always tell the truth.

We want to raise honest, upstanding people, here.  I always knew Santa Claus would be part of the deal, but he actually exists in spirit.

The Binky Fairy? That’s an outright lie.

7. Let my kid cry.

Maybe they’re hurt! They may feel abandoned! They might be tired and just need a hug!

Or, maybe the kid is just pissed off they didn’t get their way.  I can sometimes look at my toddler wrong and she will launch into the most amazing tantrum that ever was. So, yes, sometimes, the kid just gets to cry (or scream.)


8. Chew someone else’s nails. This one still grosses me out a lot (more than the boogers!).

I file my kids nails as often as I can, but the boy usually will have none of it. I used to just deal with it, but then he got grabby and scratchy while nursing.

With scratches all over my face, chest and arms, a lady has to take action. So, I chew them off. He thinks it’s funny. I try not to vomit.

9.  Talk about my kids.  To everyone.  All the time.  It’s only when the non-parent’s eyes start to glaze over in disinterest that I know I have a problem.


10. Want to stay home. I always thought I would at least have a part time job when my kids were babies. Once my first was born, I realized, I couldn’t imagine leaving her.

Sure, I have my crappy days where I want to leave as soon as my husband comes home and never look back. But when I think about leaving my children at a daycare everyday, I feel anxiety kick in that I never knew I had.

What do you do as a parent that you never thought you would do?

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35 thoughts on “10 Things I Thought I Would Never Do Before I Became a Mom

  1. Stephanie Ann says:

    I agree! Especially the booger part… because I hate that. The only one’s I will even come in contact with are my son’s. Great post!

  2. Valerie says:

    “My baby is weird. He doesn’t like eating under a blanket” – LOL!! I don’t particularly enjoy eating under a blanket either. 😉
    So much changes when you’re caring for this sweet, helpless being… 🙂

  3. Alana says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Seriously, the picking someone else’s nose? Talking about poo? Nursing not covered up? I never saw those ones coming at all!!! Love this!!!!

  4. Branson says:

    Okay so number 8 is a no-go for me, but the others I totally get!! Well except for nursing in public but my equivalent is that I swore I wouldn’t bottle feed but my body decided to show me I was wrong on that one 😦

    • mamabyfire says:

      Lol-yeah, number 8 is pretty gross! I guess it’s true what they say, “never say never,” and hopefully we can learn from what is thrown at us. I didn’t want to bottle feed my first born either. I feel your pain and frustration.

  5. Melissande says:

    Hey! Thanks for linking up, Tarynn! Love this and I can totally relate to… all of it. The fingernails one is absolutely worse than boogers, by a long shot. 🙂 You crack me up!

  6. theseanamethod says:

    The one I remember is when they were older.. and had palate expanders. I never thought I would crank a mechanical device my my child’s mouth, physically pressing her jaw apart. Unbelievable.

  7. Raquel says:

    Love your post! Yes, they are all so true although I never had to do # 8. I think it is really hard to understand unless you are a mom! Happy SITS Day to you and following you on Twitter.

  8. workingonworkingmom says:

    I definitely have most of these as things I never thought I would do. Though one is the total opposite, I never thought I would put my kid in daycare. We waited with my son until he was one and half and then we put him in when he was ready. My husband was a stay at home dad and as much as I’d love to be a stay at home mom, it’s just not in the cards for us. Visiting from SITS.

    • mamabyfire says:

      Its all so much fun, isn’t it? That’s great your husband got to experience staying at home. It definitely isn’t for everyone. And it doesn’t work for every family. I’m not sure how much longer its going to work for mine. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  9. graceunending.net says:

    I absolutely love the name of your blog; what a perfect and accurate description of motherhood! And I like the way your sense of humor shows through in your writing. I’m so glad I found you through SITS! Happy SITS Day!

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