Once an Aunt, Always an Aunt

This post was originally published on Easter, but I am anticipating this holiday weekend’s traffic. Perhaps I will be more prepared this time…

Traffic is generally not fun for anyone. I’m fortunate because I don’t drive often, so I’m rarely stuck in it. But when I am, it’s holiday traffic. And it’s after a long, albeit fun, day with family.

Usually one of my kids is likely to be overtired (it’s a thing!) When this happens, they either fall asleep, or scream the whole ride home.

It takes an hour from my parents house to mine. But in Easter traffic, for example, it takes a lot longer. And when you have a toddler celebrating their first memorable Easter with egg hunting and chocolate and jelly beans, they’re likely to have a crash.

My sister doesn’t have kids. And God bless her, after today, she probably never will. She had the pleasure of driving me, my daughter and my son for an hour and a half home. My daughter was screaming the entire time. Seriously. The.Entire.Time.

I’m her mom. I should be used to this. But after 40 minutes, even I wanted to shoot myself in the face.

I don’t swear around my kids. I used to have a potty mouth, but not since they were born. At times like these, it’s really hard not to revert to simpler times. I just have to tell myself, in two hours, she will be asleep and will look like the little angel I know and love. Plus, my sister and I will have a much deserved cocktail in our hands.

I just hope my sister will want to come over again someday. Maybe when both kids are done with the tantrum phase, not sure, we’ll see.


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