Power Trip Lady

This post was originally published 3/18/14 in Blogger.  I thought I would re-post it in hopes for some advice…or at least some encouragement, “No, your kid isn’t the only 3 year old not potty trained yet.”

According to the extensive research I have done on the subject of potty training, there are two main reasons a kid won’t cooperate.  First, they are afraid of the toilet.  It’s cold, it’s loud, and when something goes in, as far as we’re all concerned, it never comes out.  Second, they are stubborn. Continue reading

A Change in Body Image

No one loves their body. Everyone has something they would change if they could. We’re all full of insecurities and most of us crave positive reinforcement. 

The part of my body that I have always disliked the most is my back. Scoliosis has claimed my ribs on both sides, jutting out on the right and pulling in on the left with a hard right curve.

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Strike! Strike! Strike!

Breastfeeding my first born was never an easy task.  We hit a few major roadblocks before we finally came to terms with our breastfeeding future.  And by “we,” I mean me, and by “terms,” I mean hers.

I had never heard of a nursing strike until I was in the midst of dealing with one.  From birth, my daughter would switch from boob, to bottle, to pacifier with no problem. So I thought it would be no big deal if I went to a four day conference for work.  Besides, I would be home at night and I could nurse her then.  She was two and a half months old.  After that conference, she nursed a total of three times.

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Kitchen Sanity

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When my daughter was about a year and a half, it dawned on me.  I’m a stay at home mom.  I have to cook meals for my family. Every day. Every single day.

I’m still a work in progress (a year later), but I have accumulated some small appliances that have helped me save some sanity.  With the help of Pinterest and the one cookbook I actually use (The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook ), I have gained a bit more confidence in the kitchen.

These are the five small appliances that I never want to do without again.

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Because Store Wipes Taste Gross!

I use baby wipes all the time.  I’m a mom, they’re used for everything.

I have also had an eczema outbreak on my right hand since the day my daughter was born.  I went to the doctor for it and he prescribed a steroid cream.  It worked at first, but then it stopped working.  I was using it way past the suggested use time with no results (other than my skin peeling and getting really thin.)

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