Birthday Cakes A-Plenty!

Just finished a whirl-wind of a weekend! We had a double birthday party-my daughter turned three, my son turned one.

Since they are so lucky to have their birthdays a few weeks apart, they got to share their party. We’ll see how long that lasts in the future…

I love the planning process-especially for the cakes!

When my daughter turned one, my husband took over her smash cake. It was adorable-he made a pink princess castle. The Little Miss wasn’t too impressed though and it took her awhile to finally try it-I think she was skeptical of all that sugar.

For her second birthday, I tried my hand at a ‘cupcake’ cake. It was, of course, a Finding Nemo themed cake because she was obsessed. The cookies were a pain because of the royal icing, but it turned out kind of cool.

This year, we needed two cakes. A smash cake for baby, and a regular cake for the big girl to share with guests.

I wanted to keep the sugar content in baby’s cake at a minimum. I made the canned pumpkin cake. And for the frosting, I made avocado chocolate frosting. I went with a construction theme as it fit with being a smash cake.

20140630-142527-51927836.jpgHe seemed to like it despite the healthy alterations. It was, after all, his first cake and his first chocolate (as far as I know, anyway…)

For the girl, I think I accomplished my biggest Pinterest Fail. I tried making a cake with a three inside the cake.

Yes, you can tell it’s a three. But the further into the cake, the more the three “floated up” and eventually disappeared. I also was not impressed by the taste of the cake. It was a pound cake mix and it wasn’t sweet at all and it was pretty dry.

Next year, I will focus more on taste rather than (trying for) something that looks cool.

I was happy with how the frosting turned out though, and Miss Z got to help with the sprinkles. Simple, but still pretty cute!
20140630-144935-53375543.jpgSince this particular cake created a ton of “waste,” (cake that needed to be cut away and discarded), I turned the extra bits into cake balls, (blend in food processor with some frosting, roll into balls, viola!). They were a great finishing touch for the cake table. AND, they were the perfect size for toddlers! They didn’t need a whole slice of cake-just give them a cake ball!

What types of cakes have you made for your little ones? Any Pinterest successes? How about fails?


19 thoughts on “Birthday Cakes A-Plenty!

  1. melissajane01 says:

    Great cakes! I won’t even attempt to try one of the numbers inside the cake because I already know I would get too frustrated.

  2. threeboysandamom says:

    I am extremely impressed with your cake making abilities…and if that 3 cake was a pinterest fail for you, I’d hate for you to see my pinterest fails lol. I don’t even try stuff like that haha! It all looked amazing! I wanna try that avocado chocolate frosting for my sons 1st birthday in November. Good job mama!

  3. Adele says:

    Wow! All of those cakes even the failed one look amazing! Way to go! Great idea making the failed cake into cake balls! After my baby girls first birthday I was exhausted so I can’t imagine how you are feeling after a double birthday, but it looks like the exhaustion was worth it with the birthday party being such a success!

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