Sometimes a Cookie is Not Just a Cookie

When my toddler skips a nap, it completely throws off my game. I had big plans to clean the entire house, finish all the laundry, and bake some muffins, all while catching up on some social media. 

But no, someone refused to go to sleep. 

First it was the tantrums. I’m so sorry, you want to jump into bed instead of me throwing you in? But you insisted I throw you in a second ago. Now you want your blue binky instead of the green one? Sure. More milk?  Here you go. Not enough? Too bad. You can have water.

More tantrums.

I could elaborate, but if you have a toddler, you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t have one yet, I’ll keep you in your fantasy world for a little longer.

Finally after she calmed down, she had a bit of quiet time. And I have to admit, it was pretty cute when I checked on her and she was laying in bed reading a book.

After two hours, I have a rule to give up on naptime. I’m not going to waste the entire day trying to get you to sleep. Because if you finally do, you will be so tired that you’ll sleep until bedtime. Then where does that leave us? Right. With a seriously effed up schedule.

So, no nap the other day. I’m lucky my husband is so awesome and he made me leave for a bit when he got home.

When my kids are driving me crazy, my vice is chocolate. Easter was around the corner and I was justifying the hell out of eating everything.

But I didn’t.

I got a sample cookie at the Freddie’s bakery department. That was the best piece of crap cookie I have ever had in my life. After that, I was ready to come home. It probably helped knowing that little miss was very likely to be asleep.

What gets you through when you’ve had a bad day?


11 thoughts on “Sometimes a Cookie is Not Just a Cookie

  1. Alana says:

    Sometimes a cookie just isn’t a cookie is right. Those unexpected no toddler nap days, hit me. I get nothing done not only because they don’t go down, but because I keep trying to get whichever one isn’t napping down. Cookies have been my vice outside of two cups of coffee and a glass of wine a day-ish. But I’m trying to cut back. On cookies that is… what a great hubby for getting you out of the house.

    • mamabyfire says:

      Yes, I always keep trying to get them to sleep. So frustrating! I need to cut down on the chocolate-it always seems to make it’s way back into our house when we run out. He is great-I feel very fortunate, he knows when I need out.

  2. melissajane01 says:

    Oh man! It can be so stressful getting the kids down for a nap. I try to only keep a few sweets in the house so I don’t eat all of them at once.

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