Power Trip Lady

This post was originally published 3/18/14 in Blogger.  I thought I would re-post it in hopes for some advice…or at least some encouragement, “No, your kid isn’t the only 3 year old not potty trained yet.”

According to the extensive research I have done on the subject of potty training, there are two main reasons a kid won’t cooperate.  First, they are afraid of the toilet.  It’s cold, it’s loud, and when something goes in, as far as we’re all concerned, it never comes out.  Second, they are stubborn.

My daughter is not afraid.  She happily asks us to “put the poopy in the toilet,” so we can flush it together.  In fact, if we flush it without her, she goes into full on tantrum mode-“Zoe wants to do iiiiiiiitttttttt!!”  So, that leaves us in a very delicate game of the power of wills.  My husband and I are up against a 2 1/2 year old and we are losing horribly.

We leave her with her diaper off and that kid knows how to hold it.  When she has to go, she starts to walk around funny and asks for a diaper.  We ask her to sit on the potty-and sometimes she will-there’s just no action.  The other day, she was without a diaper for four hours.  I think if I looked hard enough, I maybe would have found a wet spot on a blanket or something….

Chocolate, suckers, stickers, etc, are not enough to motivate her.  Even an extra big piece of chocolate that was offered the other day, wasn’t enough.  She got really excited about it, but again, no action.

She understands the concept, she knows what is wanted and why, yet she hasn’t complied a single time.  Today she was without a diaper for almost three hours.  She threw hissy fits pretty much the whole time.  Not because she didn’t have a diaper on, but because I wasn’t sitting where I needed to be, or because her brother started playing with a toy she had given him minutes earlier.  These were your standard illogical two year old’s way of thinking-everything has to be exactly how she wants it to be.

I get it.  She’s young.  She’s learning how to express her emotions-and she’s figuring out how much control she has (turns out, she has a lot).  But how is it that one minute we’ll be having a conversation and she acts and sounds like a miniature adult, then the next minute she throws herself on the floor screaming. Oh, that’s right….she’s two.

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions on how to potty train?

Maybe next time I can ask for advice on how I get her to stop calling me Tarynn (or my new favorite “Tara Bear”) and perhaps call me mommy.


4 thoughts on “Power Trip Lady

  1. Melissa says:

    My son is going to be three in a few months and only poops in the toilet. You can leave his diaper off for hours and he will still just pee on the ground. Luckily, I don’t have hardly any carpet or this would be a problem. Sorry, I don’t have any advice for you. I know my daughter was around three when she completely potty trained and she just did it on her own, eventually, with some encouragemnet.

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