Fun in the Tub

When my daughter hit 18 months, she suddenly decided she hated bath time.

Perhaps she got water in her face one too many times?

I don’t really know the real reason, all I know is when bath time would come, she would start whining and crying.

Her bath toys didn’t help, and bubbles didn’t help.

I saw somewhere online, before my Pinterest addiction began, a great idea! Make colored ice cubes and put them in the bath with baby.

The ice cubes were a huge hit! She started looking forward to her baths-as long as she could put the ice cubes in and as long as she could eat them if she felt so inclined.

All you need is:
An ice cube tray
Food coloring

Fill tray with water, add colors, and mix.

I would recommend sticking with the blues, greens, and purples. Nobody wants to take a bath in yellow or red water. Both colors look pretty sketchy.

Now, at three years old, my daughter loves bath time with or without the cubes, (thank goodness!).

Pretty soon, we’ll be adding them to the eleven month old’s bath routine.

What do you do to get your kids to enjoy their bath time?


14 thoughts on “Fun in the Tub

  1. Mommy A to Z says:

    Cute idea! My daughter loved the bath and then went through a phase when she was terrified. I’m hoping my son doesn’t go through that phase. If he does, we’ll give this a try πŸ™‚

  2. Christine says:

    I was honestly just thinking the other day about how we never went through this phase. However a friend of mine did and she used straight food coloring instead of in ice cube form in the water some days and that seemed to make it fun for her little one too πŸ™‚

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