It’s Not Ok

Here’s something that never crossed my mind until today. Snot all over my boob.

I guess it makes sense. I’m breastfeeding my nine month old and he has a cold. I just never thought about it until his precious nose touched my breast and he pulled away leaving a thick, sticky string of snot. And since I’m (apparently) still an inexperienced new mom, there are no baby wipes to be found. 

So, no wipes. What to do?

You could wipe it off with your hand. But, you would not only still have snot residue on your boob, but now it’s also on your hand. And as we all know, as soon as you have snot on your hand, you wipe it on something (anything) to get it off as soon as possible. Things that crossed my mind to wipe it on, my pants, the carpet, the chair, the blanket surrounding my darling child. No. Too messy. Now its everywhere.

Or, you could do what I did. Just leave it. Let the kid finish eating and do your best not to gag. Once he’s done, set him down and get some wipes. First wipe yourself off, and for the love, do not forget to wipe his face off too, otherwise, you’re in for a repeat.

So, if you’re nursing and this hadn’t crossed your mind yet, you’re welcome. Now you know what to do if you don’t have a wipe within reach-although, you probably do because you’ve been a mom at least as long as I have.

*this post was originally published 5/4/14.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Not Ok

  1. Alana says:

    So funny, I just said to my husband! I’m looking forward to cooler weather! more comfortable sleeps! and the holidays that come with the end of the year! but am dreading cold season with the kids. Your poor baby and poor you. There are things they never tell us about breastfeeding…. Maybe for good reason?

    • mamabyfire says:

      Yes! Cooler weather and the holidays!! But last year, our “sick” season was terrible, so I’m dreading this year too. Plenty of things they don’t tell us-it’s so much more fun to learn first hand!! Haha!

  2. Mahala says:

    I have lost count of the amount of times this has happened to me. I can’t even call myself inexperienced, with six years of breastfeeding under my belt, so to speak, I still have no wipes to hand.

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