Preparing for Baby

At 38 weeks you’ve been ready for the last two months. You can’t do a whole lot, much less clean and set up a nursery.

Some must do’s before and when baby arrives to help keep your sanity.

preparing for baby edit

1. Make freezer meals. Start a few months before your due date. When you make a meal your family really likes, double the recipe. Put half of it in an aluminum pan and freeze it. Make extra spaghetti sauce, throw it in a freezer bag and freeze it. Happily accept freezer meals from friends and family if they offer. Because right after you have a baby, you will not want to walk, much less cook.

2. If you plan on nursing, get the nursing essentials; plenty of pillows, lanolin, breast pads, easy snacks, and more lanolin.

3. If you can, hire a cleaning service to clean your house. I’m not a great housecleaner on my best days, and when I weigh 40-50lbs more than I’m used to, I only get up to pee.

If hiring someone is out of the question, maybe you can bribe a family member with some baked goods.

4. After baby has arrived, you will want to prove that you can do it all right away. You’re not impressing anyone. Accept any help offered. You can show your Supermom skills after your body has recovered from a traumatic experience-doesn’t matter how baby got here, your body needs to recover.

5. Don’t feel bad asking people not to visit. With recovery, rest is required-which is hard to come by with a tiny new infant. (This is referring to the hospital and at home.)

And if someone does visit, and you’ve had enough, feel free to (kindly) ask them to leave. If they are a decent human being, they will understand.

What helped you keep your sanity when baby first arrived?

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Baby

  1. Homemade Experience says:

    I did a 30 day countdown to when my newborn arrived, and these were definitely musts! I have to say I think the freezer meals was one of the most helpful. I’d never done them before, and it saved SO much time and cleaning once the babe arrived.

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