So That’s Your Motivator?

The past few mornings have been awesome! Aside from being so tired my eyes are burning, both of my children have a new found independence.

The only thing my oldest loves more than watching YouTube videos of people playing with Play-Doh, is playing with the Play-Doh herself.

So thats your motivator Z playing with play doh

She used to have an annoying habit of leaving it out for my youngest to find, and he would inevitably sample it. He doesn’t like it, but he always tries it, just to make sure.

Aside from the boy eating what he isn’t supposed to eat, this daily practice of hers needed to stop because she was going through tubs of Play-Doh almost daily. That stuff dries out, and when it does, straight to the trash.

So a few weeks ago, she used up her last tub. She said to me, “More Play-Doh, please.”

I smiled and said, “Honey, we’re out of Play-Doh, it’s all dried out. But, you can do chores to earn money and buy some more!”

Her world looked briefly as if it might crumble, but she’s a stubborn one. She composed herself, and without even a hint of a tantrum, she said, “ok.”

It took her almost two weeks of cleaning up small messes or helping me in the kitchen, (and grandparents and aunts slipping her cash here and there), and she finally earned enough to take a trip to the store.

I explained how much money she could spend and she carefully picked out a Play-Doh picnic basket set.

It entertained her for at least an hour and when it was time for dinner we told her we were going to eat. She said, “ok, I just have to put my Play-Doh away first because I don’t want it to dry out.”

It’s funny. Sometimes you think the toddler isn’t paying attention and she says this. Hallelujah! She can hear me!

So here I am this morning. My toddler is outside the baby gate playing with her newly earned toy, and my son is roaming free in the living room. He gets to play with all the toys he wants because his big sis is distracted by her Play-Doh. And I can just sit and relax on the couch.

So thats your motivator R chewing on toy

Sometimes people don’t value things when they are given to them. But when they have to work for it and earn it, they take much better care of it.

At least that’s the case with my kid. She’s taking pride in the work she did and showing it by taking better care of her things. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Do your kids have to do chores to earn things? What types of chores do they have to do?

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