What to Do Today…

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Seattle. Both kids are napping and when they wake up, we will get to decide what to do for the rest of the day.

Most likely when they’re up, we’ll have a snack and maybe go for a walk (with our double stroller that steers like a boat). Then figure out what to eat for dinner. The toddler will probably help me cook, while the baby will keep daddy busy.

After dinner, it’s bath time, which is the start of the dreaded bedtime routine. Well, dreaded for the toddler. The baby could care less, all he knows is that he gets to eat a lot. And it’s certainly not dreaded for mom and dad. In fact, it’s quite looked forward to.

Have you noticed a theme yet?

Our entire day is surrounded by our beloved children. I’m not complaining, we chose to have kids and we value every moment with them. I’m merely stating a fact.

But just for grins, I sometimes like to think about what we did before these little lovelies were born.

To be honest, I don’t remember.

I think our house may have been cleaner (I hope anyway). We went shopping for ourselves more often, (instead of shopping for more play doh). We certainly watched the movies we own (we have at least five new movies we’ve acquired since Christmas that we have yet to watch).

But on a sunny day like today? I truly have no recollection of what we used to do. I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyhow. Because now, we have two littles to tire out before bedtime.

I think our best bet for today is the park.

What did you do on a free day before kids?


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